The Beginn-ing

Katie saw spirit from the age of ten. She saw the spirit of her Grandfather one early morning before School and ever since then she has matured her gift of seeing and hearing Spirit. She decided to learn how to read the tarot cards and so at age 15 she brought her first deck of Rider Waite tarot cards and learned how to read them using intuition and symbolic knowledge. After School she was finely attuned in communicating with the Spirit world and started going to client's households to do personal private readings. Her Client's were so pleased with her accurate specific readings that they became regulars. After the Covid outbreak in 2019 she has began to communicate around the world, using online means; by bringing those who need help, some spiritual direction and purpose back in their lives. Katie is accredited in Distance Reiki Healing, using her energy, prayer and intuition to guide those suffering from ailments. She has also completed the Doreen Virtue- Angel Card Reader unit where she is credited with an Angel Card Reader Certificate of Completion. Katie is now undergoing readings online to those who need it to help guide you to answers.


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-James, New York

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