Moon Message Reading

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If you picked number one 


Are you putting on a good front, acting like you are bright and breezy but hiding your real feelings? Rather than acting that everything is fine, if you are worried about certain issues it is best to deal with them. Avoid getting so wrapped up in your feelings that you overwhelm yourself and everyone else involved in the situation. If you deny your feelings, you'll go nowhere fast with your manifesting. Look at the big picture and use your intuition. Avoid blowing an upset out of proportion.


If you picked number Two


Are you being too hard on yourself or someone else? Do you think you need to be strict with yourself or other people to get to where you want to go? Your challenge now is to be disciplined in terms of doing what needs to be done to get what you want without sucking all the joy out of it. Feeling good about life is one of the most powerful tools you have when it comes to manifesting. So be kind, and be your most charming self. 


If you have picked number three


It's time to release your grip on a situation. Passion is good, but too much can become manic. Sometimes we feel too much intensity around our dreams because we are scared they won't come true, but that's counterproductive. Live and let live a little. State your intention to the Universe and see what happens. The tighter your grip now , the more likely you are to lose cut. This is doubly true if you have been jealous or had issues to do with sex or money. Avoid trying to hard to influence someone else.  

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